RGraph: HTML5 canvas graphing library

RGraph: HTML5 canvas graph library based on the HTML5 canvas tag

Interactive javascript/HTML5 canvas graphs using the HTML5 canvas tag for all platforms
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Note: Starting from preview 3, Internet Explorer 9 has canvas support.

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An example of the line chart. This chart has zoom functionality enabled in area mode. Simply draw a rectangle around the area you wish to zoom in on. Once the zoom appears you can move it around with the left mouse button, move the canvas around within the zoom using the right mouse button and double click the zoom to expand it full size.

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The bar chart has tooltips, along with a context menu. The context menu has options to zoom the canvas (in full canvas mode) and shows an example of the ModalDialog which is part of RGraph. The context menu shows one level of submenus. It also shows how you can add an option to get a PNG version of the graph.

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The Rose chart is a less well known chart but can be very effective in showing information in some circumstances. This example shows tooltips and adjusting.

Introduction to RGraph

RGraph is a HTML5 canvas graph library. It uses features that became available in HTML5 (specifically, the CANVAS tag) to produce a wide variety of graph types: bar chart, bi-polar chart (also known as an age frequency chart), donut chart, funnel chart, gantt chart, horizontal bar chart, LED display, line graph, meter, odometer, pie chart, progress bar, rose chart, scatter graph and traditional radar chart. RGraph is covered by the RGraph License.

Ideal for Chrome extensions!

Being Javascript, RGraph is ideal for use in Chrome extensions and Web Apps. You can download a sample extension here.

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RGraph is covered by the RGraph license. A summary is that for commercial/business use there is a small one-time licensing fee to pay. For non-commercial purposes it's freely usable. There are some licensing FAQs that should help to answer any questions you might have. If you need one, you can get an invoice here.

If you have any questions about RGraph licensing, you can send your question to: [email protected]. If your question is of a support nature though, please use the support forum.