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RGraph: HTML5 canvas graph library - Licensing FAQs

If you have any questions regarding licensing, these are some FAQs that should help answer them.


Do I need to buy a license?

For commercial/business use yes, you need a license to use RGraph. RGraph is not free software. For non-commercial use (eg personal, charity and educational), RGraph is freely usable and you don't need to buy a license though. You can read the license itself here.


How much is a license?

A license is a one-time fee of £49 (UK pounds). That's roughly $70 (US dollars) at the time of writing.


Where can I read the license?

The license is further down this page.


What does the license cover?

The RGraph license covers RGraph as a whole. Excepting ExCanvas, all code that you find in the RGraph archive is covered by the RGraph license. The license also covers code that I've written that is available from This is a mainly PHP focused website, but also plays host to a fair amount of Javascript too. So if your development language of choice is not PHP, you may still find something of use there.


What if I'm a web designer?

All you need to do is simply get one license for yourself and your Customers will be covered by that.


Can you send me an invoice?

Of course, simply go here:, enter your email address and you'll be sent an invoice that you can use for tax purposes.


Can I use PayPal?

Sorry, I can't accept PayPal payments. If you really don't want to use Google Checkout (though it's perfectly safe) then you can send a cheque if you prefer.



If you have a question about RGraph licensing, you can send it to [email protected] or you can order directly using Google Checkout.



The license text: