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There a load of new free Bootstrap 3 ready templates at Bootply. All of these templates are free and don't require extensive customization to the Bootstrap baseline.


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The Bootstrap Playground

Design, build, test, and prototype using Bootstrap in real-time from your Web browser. Bootply combines the power of hand-coded HTML, CSS and JavaScript with the benefits of responsive design using Bootstrap. Find and showcase Bootstrap-ready snippets in the 100% free Bootply.com code repository.
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If you're looking for help with Bootstrap code, the twitter-bootstrap tag at Stackoverflow is a good place to find answers.


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Upgrade to Bootstrap 3

Guidance and Tools

Migrating from Bootstrap 2.x to 3 is not a simple matter of swapping out the JS and CSS files. Bootstrap 3 is a major overhaul, and there are a lot of changes from Bootstrap 2.x. This guidance is intended to help 2.x developers transition to 3.

More on Upgrading from +Bootply
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The more powerful (and 100% fluid) Bootstrap 3 grid now comes in 4 sizes (or "breakpoints"). Tiny (for smartphones), Small (for tablets), Medium (for laptops) and Large (for laptops/desktops).

Mobile first" is a responsive Web design practice that prioritizes consideration of smart phones and mobile devices when creating Web pages.

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