WordPress theme

Moderna WP is a WordPress theme for corporate, converted from Moderna HTML template

This is basic instruction for installing Moderna Wordpress Theme


First, Install Wordpress

WordPress is well known for its ease of installation. Under most circumstances installing WordPress is a very simple process and takes less than five minutes to complete. Many web hosts now offer tools (e.g. Fantastico) to automatically install WordPress for you.

For more information, please read page.


Second, Extract (Unzip) Moderna Full Package ZIP File

Please extract (unzip) Moderna ZIP file. You will see some folders: DocumentationSample data, Theme


Third, Uploading Moderna Wordpress Theme

You can find zipped (installable) Moderna theme file under Theme folder at the second step above.

Go to Appearance > Themes page and click Install Themes tab. Then click upload link, upload the zip file and activate the theme.


Fourth, Install required plugins

After install and activate Moderna theme you must install required plugins to make Moderna theme works properly, Go to Appearance --> Install plugins

There are some required plugins that need to be installed, please install & activate those all before doing more else


Fifth, (Optional - but suggested) Importing Moderna.XML Sample Data & .txt Theme options sample options

You can make your learning curve faster and your development easier by importing Moderna Sample Data and theme options. You can find Moderna Sample Data in XML file and theme-options.txt under Sample Data folder at the second step above.

1. Import sample data (sample-data.xml)

- Go to Tools > Import page and click Wordpress Importer link (You will be asked to install Wordpress Importer at the first time). Then upload Moderna XML file (please choose sample-data.xml) and complete the process.

2. Import theme options (theme-options.txt)

* Also you may need to import 'theme-options' data so you'll get same theme options setting as our live preview.

- Go to Appearance > Theme Options and select Backup Options tab then replace the data inside the box with 'theme-options.txt' (open theme-options.txt , copy the code then paste to your backup options box) then click 'Import Options"


Sixth, Set Frontpage

Go to Settings > Reading page and choose A static page option for Frontpage / main homepage display. Then choose a page that will be used for your Frontpage from the dropdown.



Moderna theme has powerful and user friendly theme options to set theme functionalites, each field has 'description' on the right or bottom to make you understand.

Go to Appearance > Theme Options to open theme options

Add portfolio item

Adding portfolio item is simple just like write a post or page, from admin dashboard see the left side on 'Portfolios' tab
 then 'Add New' if you want to add new portfolio item.



Your portfolio image uploaded via "Set Featured image", you can upload .png or .jpg portfolio image format. Please consider to upload image larger than 800px (in width) and or 600px (in height) since Moderna theme uses "resize image on the fly" script that will resize original size of uploaded portfolio image to 800px- 600px (width-size) to serve portfolio thumbnail and Show the original on 'zoom'

Flexslider used on Homepage Page template.

To start create a flexslider item Go to 'Flexsldier sliders --> Add New'



Please consider to use following terms when upload your own slider images since we use image resizer script to producing same image sizes in case people may upload each slider images that has different size :

- Flexslider minimum image size = 1024- 360px (width - height)

Moderna theme built in several useful shortcodes to build content wrapper and elements.

We use 'Bootstrap Shortcodes' for easier use of the Bootstrap elements in your content.

"Row", and "Columns" are frequently used at the first step before put other element shortcode. If you've imported our .XML sample data you can check on any pages to see how the theme generate content on the front end.


Basically the content area already wrapped by 'container' , 'row' and 'column' class :

- Fullwidth page = already wrapped with col-lg-12

- Regular page with sidebar = already wrapper with col-lg-8



All element shortcodes are easy to understand and user friendly, you don't need to remember shortcode line, just click the shortcode button then the shortcode window will be displayed in modal dialog. Just click 'insert' to send it to page editor.

As we said at beginning, .xml sample data are important! you can see how all shortcode written in created pages


Go to 'Theme options' and find 'Contact setting' tab, then insert your working email address in 'Email address' field

Support & future updates will be available for 'paid/premium' version only'. If you have a more question or support regarding Moderna Wordpress Theme,  you can drop us message through form